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Article 1- Always please to work with young passionate cricketers- Saqlain Mushtaq

Saqlain Mushtaq the legendary off-spinner shared his views about young talent with whom he worked closely at Cricket Plus Academy till date. He said; I am always please to see young talent at Cricket Plus Academy who have huge passion for cricket, eager to learn with discipline and patience and above all have a right attitude to compete at all levels.

Saqlain mentioned; along with my colleague Faisal Khan, we have seen number of aspiring and established cricketers. We have worked with off and leg spin bowlers and at times involved in polishing batting and wicket keeping skills/techniques of young cricketers but what impressed me the most is the fact that the parents would travel from distance to be a part of our Coaching Sessions and The Master Classes. That was one good scene to watch and I really appreciate parents supporting their children in order for them to achieve their cricketing goals.

He further said; if the youngsters work hard with passion and positive attitude while respecting their parents and coaches, I do not see why they cannot achieve their cricketing goals in future.

I am along with Faisal and Cricket Plus team, thoroughly enjoying my time at Cricket Plus Academy and looking forward to some more exciting Master Classes in future.

Saqlain Mushtaq will be back soon this year for some more exciting Spin Bowling Master Classes.

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Article 2- Wasim Akram Fast Bowling Master Class

The left arm pace legend Wasim Akram conducted Fast Bowling Master Class at Cricket Plus Academy on 24th of June, 2012, in Luton. It was his first ever visit to Luton, Bedfordshire. Wasim along with head coach Faisal Khan and the Cricket Plus team were given a warm welcome by the participants, their parents and coaches. He then went on to deliver two individual Master Class sessions.

Wasim focused on the basics of the fast bowling which included the grip, run up, action and the follow through. He worked with the passionate cricketers on one-on-one basis as well as delivered lectures and fast bowling demo in groups. Along with fast bowlers, Wasim also gave some invaluable tips to the batsmen.

Wasim said; I always enjoy working at Cricket Plus Academy. They are very professional and always try their best to provide the best training and facilities to all aspiring and the established cricketers. I was so pleased to see the young talent in both sessions and appreciate their parents and coaches, the time they spend on their children/students to achieve their cricketing goals.

I hope the basics I taught them; they will follow them all the way to improve their bowling skills further. They all have lots to achieve and I wish them all the best and look forward to see them again in future.

The participants, their parents and coaches had travelled from Leicester, Manchester, Southampton, Rutland, Peterborough and beyond.

Wasim Akram will be back at Cricket Plus Academy next year to conduct some more exciting Master Classes and will be working with the youth and local community along with Faisal Khan and Cricket Plus team.

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Wasim Akram Views on Fast Bowling Master Class


Article 3- Cricket Plus Associate Coach Mark Ramprakash Joins English Talent!!!

Mark Ramprakash the Cricket Plus Associate Coach has become a batting coach with England as they continue to reshuffle their management team.

He is in India working with the next generation of talent.

Ramps, 43, has been working this winter with England age group teams part-time.

And he is in Mumbai helping the England Performance Programme — the players earmarked for senior recognition.

Ramps scored just two tons in 52 Tests despite being one of the most technically-gifted batsmen. He was too tensed up at international level.

He said: “The ups and downs in my career should help me as a coach. I can identify with players perhaps trying too hard, feeling under pressure.

“I’m envious of what these kids have. I look at their opportunities, training methods and attention to detail. They have recovery techniques too.

Cricket Plus head coach Faisal Khan said; it is a proud moment for Cricket Plus, its trainees and followers to have Ramprakash working closely with England's young talented batsmen. This will certainly bring some fresher coaching ideas from Mark to our next Batting Master Class at Cricket Plus Academy in nearest future.

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Article 4- Strictly Come Batting!!!

Mark Ramprakash, the ex-England and current Surrey star batsman conducted a Batting Master Class at Cricket Plus Academy..

The participants and their parents were eager to see him, and gave him a warm welcome on his arrival to the academy where he provided his expertise for two individual Master Class sessions.

Both morning and afternoon Master Classes were full of education, discipline, involved great passion and fun too. Mark started off each Master Class with a warm up session which was fun to watch. It involved both physical and mental exercises which prepared the young batsmen well to practice the batting drills taught by Mark himself. In the later part of the session, Mark along with Cricket Plus head coach Faisal Khan, developed skills on a ‘one on one’ basis. He worked on the basics of batting which involved the grip, the stance, head position and foot work. He also showed ways of playing off, front and on drives. He gave some invaluable tips to bowlers as well.

In the end, Mark Ramprakash spent some time with parents and the participants during Q&A session where he had answered their questions.

Mark was highly impressed by the young talent. He liked the passion and dedication that each player had towards their game, and above all praised the parents for supporting them in achieving their cricketing goals.

“Thanks to Cricket Plus Academy. I really enjoyed the day and experience. Top facilities and well organised sessions by Cricket Plus Team. I look forward to teaching more ‘Batting Master Classes’ at Cricket Plus.” - Mark Ramprakash

Mark will be returning to the academy again to provide further training, so watch this space!

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Article 5- Saqlain Mushtaq Spin Master Class

A day to remember. Saqlain Mushtaq the "Master of Doosra" joined the young talent at Cricket Plus Academy on 18th of December, 2011. The young passionate spin bowlers who came along with their parents and coaches gave a warm welcome to Saqlain. Everyone was eager to grip the ball to show their skills to the "King of Spin".

Saqlain Mushtaq along with Faisal Khan started of the coaching session by analysing the bowlers skills and abilities. The participants were from the age of 9yrs to 17yrs. Saqlain was utterly amazed to see the abilities each participant had and was pleased to see them bowling with descipline at such young age. He then equipped young bowlers with essential skills and techniques. He also done self demonstration of bowling varity of deliveries in the front of the young spinners and the audience.


It came to everyone's surprise when Saqlain challenged the young talented spin bowlers to bowl against him. This got everyone excited especially the parents as they saw their children competing against Saqlain. It was one scene to watch.

In the end, the parents and coaches took part in Q&A session with Saqlain Mushtaq along with their children. Saqlain praised parents and coaches for supporting their children/students to improve their game.

They travelled from Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Kent counties, to be a part of Spin Bowling Master Class. He also liked the attitude of all the participants. "Very talented, passionate about cricket", said Saqlain Mushtaq who was highly impressed by the young spin bowlers talent and approach towards the game of cricket.

Article 6- Wasim Akram Fast Bowling Clinic

World cricket legends Wasim Akram and Saqlain Mushtaq, the Cricket Plus co-founder visited Cricket Plus Academy on the 10th of July 2011. The Fast Bowling Clinic was held at Cricket Plus Academy. Both received a very warm welcome from the excited participants before being assigned to their training groups. Saqlain took them through off-spin bowling and Wasim took fast bowlers through fast bowling techniques.

Our participants were from Luton schools pupils from Challney and Denbigh High school who had some talented spinners too and adults from all around the UK. Everyone was thrilled by the inspiring presence of Wasim Akram and Saqlain Muhstaq whilst learning the 'Art of Fast Bowling' and 'Spin Bowling' from the kings of Swing and Spin.

Both legends worked on the bowlers run up, action, follow through and most importantly - their grip. Wasim and Saqlain worked with the participants individually as well as working with them in small groups over the 6 hours of coaching sessions. During the coaching session Wasim also gave some invaluable tips to the batsmen.

Later in the coaching session, everyone was astonished when Wasim took the bat in his hands and asked the bowlers to bowl against him. This could not keep Saqlain away as he grabbed the ball and bowled against Wasim. This was thrilling to watch as everyone applauded the sight of one legend bowling against the other.

In the end, the participants, their coaches and parents had the opportunity to speak with both Wasim and Saqlain and had their autographs and pictures taken with them.

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Wasim Akram Views on Fast Bowling Master Class.

Article 7- Cricket Plus Academy visits Bedfordshire University

Cricket Plus visited Bedfordshire University’s Cricket team along with world’s (Pakistani) off-spin legend Saqlain Mushtaq. Saqlain with cricket plus team watched UoB’s first team practicing at Vauxhall Recreation Centre indoor facilities. Saqlain and Faisal Khan, the Luton’s cricketer analysed team’s performance and helped the individuals to develop their skills and techniques.

Faisal who coaches passionate cricketers along with Saqlain Mushtaq at Cricket Plus, has also been coaching Bedfordshire University’s successful cricket team since 2009. Faisal said; I am honoured to have brought down Saqlain to train my home University’s team. The players were highly motivated with Saqlain’s presence and by him working on their skills and techniques. Saqlain was highly impressed with the team’s talent and dedication. He said; I think Faisal has done a great job in educating cricket to young potential cricketer of university’s team. I believe the way University’s guys are playing, they can win the league this year as they have been winning from past three years and so. In the end of the coaching session Saqlain bowled his “Doosra” delivery to UoB’s batsmen.

Saqlain further said; I and Faisal have been working together since 2008 and since the formation of Cricket Plus, it is our aim to provide specialist cricket coaching to all passionate cricketers. I saw passion in the University’s team and would like to revisit them in future for sure.

Cricket Plus is co-founded by Saqlain Mushtaq.  The aim of the institution is to provide expert cricket coaching to aspiring and established cricket players of all ages and different levels of skills and experience. They provide cricket training packages aimed at those enthusiastic cricketers who want to improve their cricketing skills to professional standards.

In the end both Saqlain and Faisal thanked Ciaran ‘O Brien and his team for inviting Cricket Plus to Luton.